If you have ever wondered "Gee, I want to collect some Telechron powered clocks, but where should I start?"  Well, here is a niche' in the hobby anybody can start with.  This beautiful collection of clocks belongs to Mr. Paul Cleboski out of Monroe Texas.  As you can see, Paul's focus is mainly Telechron and GE kitchen wall clocks.  What makes this collection so interesting it that it walks you through several decades of American History.  Also, the different colors just makes this collection a marvel to look at!

Paul has been working with me since 2019, and I recognize many of the clocks in this collection as clocks I have restored.  Paul focuses on quality.  Believe it or not, Paul obtains most of his clocks online.  Knowing what to look for and what to avoid, Paul is able to purchase clocks that would make the best candidates for restoration.  However, a collection like this comes from both dedication and expense.  To build a collection like this, you need to get past the typical "AS-IS", and more expense is needed.  For example, all of Paul's clocks are in excellent running order, as many have new, rebuilt rotors in them.  Not to mention, Paul has had to purchase several "Donor" clocks in order to move parts from one to another.  

On the left wall, first row are four Telechron Models 2H25 "Stewardesses" from the early 1950's.

The second row shows five Telechron Models 2H27 "Advisors" from early to mid-1950's.

The third row shows four Telechron/GE models 2H15 "Kitchenguide" clocks from the 1940's.

On the fourth row, we have four GE models 2F02 "New Hostess from the 1930's"

Going to the middle wall, first row, there are three 2H07 "Buffet" clocks from the 1940's

The remaining six clocks on that wall are Telechron models 2H11 "Cafe" clock from the 1940's..

Above the door you will see three Telechron models 2H43 "Telemaid" clocks from the mid-1950's

Note that some of the clocks have a piece of blue tape on them.  These are clocks that Paul has ear marked for future restoration.

More Model 2H07 "Buffet" Clocks lined up neatly next to the Kit-Kat clocks.  Included in this collection right next to the large lighted clock is the Buffet in blue.  This is probably one of the most difficult colors to find, and Paul's clock is in truly excellent condition.

The red and wife clock on the shelf is a Telechron Model 2H44 "Topper" from the late 1950's. The Topper is a rather common clock, but this one is an exception.  This clock was New-Old Stock, never used, still in its original box.  They don't come much better than that.  What you see is the original condition of the clock.

Rounding out this collection are four early 1950 model 2H20 "Epicure" clocks.

That's a General Electric Westminser chime clock on the shelf.

The large Telechron clock on the wall is supposed to be part of a retail display.  This floor display would have several shelves to high light different styles of Telechron clocks with this large clock being the center piece.  There is a long story behind completing this clock, a story that I'm sure Paul doesn't want to be reminded of!

One notable clock I remember working on but not seeing in Paul's display is this one.  This clock is a 1939 model 2H51 which was called the "Shield".  Other than the banjo clocks Telechron made in the 1930's, the Shield was the only other clock designed for any room but the kitchen.  This very hard-to-find clock was made of solid maple and featured black accenting on the four tips.  Unfortunately, it must not have been very popular at the time.  It was discontinued in 1940 with just over 8,000 units being reported sold.  Unrestored, non-working versions of this clock could easily get over $100.  The value of this particular clock is much higher due to the excellent condition inside and out.