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SilverDollar Productions at Telechron Time
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If you were searching for the original SilverDollar Productions Website, it is no more.

Today is Feb 16, 2021, the first day of this new website.

SilverDollar Productions was founded around 2001 by a man everybody knew as just "Al".  I worked with Al from 2004 to 2009 and helped develop SilverDollar Productions into the internets leading authorities on everything Telechron, GE and Revere.  During our time together, we restored upwards of 1,000 clocks, and our work can be found in every US state and even Canada.

Unfortunately, Al passed away in April of 2020, taking with him a legacy of fine woodworking and clock restoration.  The original website which was originally at expired, and was removed from the internet just recently.  This loss was a major blow, as years of research that helped many collectors and buyers also appears to have been lost forever.

I started this website to re-establish Al's legacy, and bring back much of what was previously posted on SDP, and well as new material and content.  However, I have two problems:  The first is time, which at this point is limited.  The second is material.  I have a countless number of files Al and I put together over the years.  It will take me a long time to sort through all of this data, and bring it back to you.  I'm estimating, it could take me the better part of this year.

Please check back as I begin to re-establish this site.  Thanks!


SilverDollar Productions at Telechron Time

Thank you Al for all your contributions! Your legacy lives on in every clock you have put in homes across the 50 states!